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Jean Leprini
Director and Photographer

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Upon finishing his studies in computer science, I went to Paris and became a project leader. However, I grew tired of the bureaucratic aspects of this job and left the office soon after to immerse myself in my passion – the world of fashion and advertising photography. To me, photography is a process of “writing with light”.

Having a great composition means capturing the moment with a sense of magic and fleshing out the nuances in emotions and attitudes. My works are offspring of his imagination.

They are constantly seeking emotional authenticity, natural elegance and diversity in feelings. I believe that photography is an art in the strongest sense, for art is an emotional state.

It is necessary to know how to lure, explore and immortalize beauty and form in a setting. All of my techniques can be crystallized in my passion to give birth to works which evoke purity, freshness and joy in life.

I 'm interested in creating dreams and providing escapes from banal realities. I enjoy contact with people best and likes working “symbiotically” with my team. I seek to make everyone confident by allowing them to work in ways they feel most comfortable.

This, I feel, is essential for perfection in results. My conception of photography and my working style reflect my outlook of life’s transience. Things change constantly, thus I recognize a need for simplicity. Glamour and beauty are eternal and they weave dreams of eternity.

My credentials include projects for international clients in fashion publications i.e. Citizen K, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle and Marie Claire as well as advertising campaigns for Saatchi & Saatchi, Y&R, DDB, BBDO, JWT, LOWE, Leo Burnett, O&M, Mc Cann, Publicis. For a more extensive portfolio, please use the contact form.

Awards Gold Lion Cannes ( Sony )

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